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Ingénieurs 2000 is an umbrella organisation near Paris, France that develops engineering and technician apprenticeship programmes in close cooperation with partner companies to ensure that the skills needed, for innovation and the growth sectors, are catered for today and for the future.



Thanks to our vast network of companies involved in our apprenticeship programmes (over 1000 companies host apprentices) and along with our 8 partnership schools renowned for their teaching quality and cutting edge specialisations, our apprentices are at the centre of this exciting and demanding experience.


To ensure the continual relevance and quality of our programmes, Professional Skills Committees bring together companies and professional organisations for course definition and development.


For us, cooperative education & apprenticeship programmes are the key to success leading to increased independence and a strong skills set in the chosen field.




At the request of companies and professional organisations alike, Ingenieurs 2000 was established in 1991 in order to develop apprenticeships in higher education to cover the growing need for qualified engineers with professional and practical experience in the field.

Partnerships were created between companies, engineering schools and Ingénieurs 2000 to develop apprenticeship programmes to cover these ever increasing needs.

For more than 25 years Ingénieurs 2000 vision has been that:


Talent is acquired through knowledge AND experience






Ingénieurs 2000 oversees 12 oficially certified Graduate Engineering Courses, 4 Higher Technician Courses, 2 specialised Web and Mobile Development Courses and 1 Vocational Degree.



Ingénieurs 2000 is constantly growing and evolving and its team works tirelessly to satisfy the engineering requirements of its partnership companies and find the right fit between the company, the candidate and the course.





Ingénieurs 2000 is actively involved in the building of partnerships with interested parties in all countries, both professional and academic, to increase the internationalisation of future engineers which is paramount to the skills development and multi-cultural awareness needed in today’s business world.


Our engineering apprentices are currently required to do part of their professional training in another country in order for them to develop their soft skills, learn different working practices,as well as increase their aptitude for change and sense of responsibility.

Our international partners benefit from these future engineers for three months by taking in an enthusiastic, highly qualified apprentice with considerable work experience already under their belt.


These international partnerships take many forms and we are open to developing new ideas with you to suit your engineering needs.


Ingénieurs 2000 currently has over 5000 alumni in a great variety of positions all around the world.